What We Provide

At Bailey's K9s we strive to give your dog the best experience by keeping a clean and fun environment!


  • Our spacious indoor/outdoor runs allows your dog easy access to the outer portion of their run for sunning or potty breaks as well as the inner portion for the A/C or heat and a well deserved nap whenever they desire. Crates are also available for dogs that enjoy the cave like feel.


Boarding rates are per night and check in/out are available in the mornings and evenings.

Boarding Rates:

  • $40 per night for one dog 

  • $70 per night for two dogs sharing a run

Boarding Includes:

  • Boarders are let out twice a day. There are eight play yards for fun group play or for dogs that appreciate alone time. 

  • Foam mats and cot beds are provided for your dog at no extra cost to you.​



Our daycare drop offs start as early as 7:00 am and end at 10:00 am. Our pick up times start at 4:00 pm and stop at 6:30 pm.

Daycare is only available Monday- Friday. 

The rates for daycare are:





Add ons:


Baths for Small/Large dogs-


  Bath includes Shampoo and Conditioner.








Nail Trim-


Nails trims are done with a Dremel (rotary Sandpaper tool) to safely file the nail down.



Water rinse and towel dry only. Great for muddy days at daycare. Includes cologne spritz.

 5 days  - $118.75 at a 5% discount 

10 days - $225.00 at a 10% discount

20 days- $425.00 at a 15% discount

Daycare Passes 

Brush Out-


If your dog is a heavy shedder or gets tangled easy brushing is available with cologne spritz.

Refresher Training-


If your dog has already gone through training with us they can get a refresher added during their stay. 30 minutes per session. 

Daycare can be booked online or by texting/email. All dogs go through a screening process to be able to participate in daycare. Must make appointment to come to Daycare.




$25 Dollars per dog

Pick Up and Drop Off Services

   MVP Pet Sitting's

contact page.

We also work closely with MVP Pet Sitting owned by Megan Smith. Megan can drop off and pick up your dog for you from Bailey's K9s and take your dog to and from your home. If interested in this service please reach out to Megan directly!