What vaccinations do you require?


  • Rabies Vaccine, 1-3 years depending on age and vaccine.

  • Distemper/Parvo Combination Vaccine, 1-3 years depending on age and vaccine.

  • Bordetella Vaccine (Canine Cough, aka Kennel Cough) within the last 6-12 months depending on vaccine.


All requirements must be met before pets can be boarded.  For maximum protection of your dog, Bailey's K9s recommends vaccinations be administered two (2) weeks prior to boarding. 

What dog breeds do you allow? What about Intact dogs?

Bailey's K9s takes all dog breeds! From little dogs all the way up to the giant breeds, everyone is welcome. If your dog is intact (Not Spayed or Neutered) we don't require you to alter your dog for any of our services that we provide.

What do I need to bring for Boarding or Daycare?

-If your dog is coming to stay with us overnight I recommend bringing enough food for the stay, vaccination records and any medications. It's highly appreciated when meals are pre-portioned especially when meds are given everyday. We can provide food for your dog at an extra charge if needed but I do recommend food from home as it helps stop any digestive upset. 

If you're coming to daycare the only thing I will need from you is your up to date vaccinations and your dog! If your dog eats lunch you can let me know at drop off. No need to give us your leashes, harnesses or collars as we provide leashes and deliver your dog to your car. When its rainy or muddy I do recommend a towel or crate for you car as its highly likely you pup's getting muddy with their friends.


What training methods do you use?

- I'm a Balanced dog trainer. What that means is that I use a balance of both positive reinforcement like food, affection, toys as well as correcting for unwanted behaviors like mouthing, barking and or barrier aggression. The methods I use vary from dog to dog as each dog is different and tailoring the training plan to each dog is essential to your dogs success

Are you certified?

- Yes! I went to Starmark Academy located in Hutto, Texas to get certified as a Professional Dog Trainer and Behavior Specialist. As soon as I was able to get a job and drive at the age of 16 I jumped into working with dogs! I worked in boarding and daycare facilities as well as other training facilities before I felt equipped enough to start my own business and provide the best care and instruction to my clients and their dogs. Dog training is my passion and I'm always learning and trying new things to help my clients be successful!

What do I need to bring for my dogs Board and Train drop off?

recommend bringing enough food for their stay (two or three weeks) plus a couple of days just to be safe. You will also need to bring vaccination records and any medications your dog will need during his or her stay. Food and water bowls will be provided as well as beds and foam mats for sleeping and comfort. 

Is there any follow up after a Board and Train package?

Yes there is! Both Board and Train options come with a free follow up lesson to be used within the month of being picked up so that I can make sure everything going smoothly in your home! I let my clients contact me as to when  they want their follow up lesson done so that it works best within in their schedule. 



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